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Hindi-English Wooden Calendar
Hindi-English Wooden Calendar

Hindi-English Wooden Calendar

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This hand-crafted*, perpetual wooden calendar is a beautiful way to bring the language of Gujarati, an Indian language from Western India, and all the festivals of India into your home, office or kids playroom.

Designed with multi-cultural roots in mind, each calendar includes festivals of India, days of the week, months of the year, and numbers in both Gujarati and English.

This wooden calendar is a stylish and functional anniversary, birthday, housewarming or wedding gift for friends, family and children. It is also a hands-on, learning tool to teach children about time, language, counting and festivals in both languages. As with the gift of language & culture, this handmade calendar will last for many years to come.

Each calendar comes with:

  • 14L x 11W x .5H Base with removable stand
  • 12 Laser etched Month Plates - Reversible
  • 1 Laser etched, magnetic days of the week bar - Reversible
  • 16 Colorful, Festivals of India Coins - Reversible

This perpetual calendar was originally designed as a beautiful way to expose your children to the beautiful language of Gujarati, an Indian language from the state of Gujarat in Western India.

As our design evolved it not only serves as a way to immerse Gujarati in your home but also makes a beautiful decorative piece to gift for a new home, office, a community center and more.


* As with any hand-crafted product, there will be slight variations in the final product from what is depicted as each calendar is individually made, painted and finished.