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National Symbols of India (Hindi)

National Symbols of India (Hindi)

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Learn more about the National Symbols of India with our Hindi Vocabulary Cards. Our Hindi Vocabulary Cards include English phonetics for bi-lingual learners and are designed for the Indian-American community to help with pronunciation.

We recommend Printing & Cutting 2 copies of the Vocabulary Cards to learn the National Symbols of India. This is a fun kids activity to learn more about India whether you're celebrating India's Independence Day, India's Republic Day, or learning more about India with your class.

Children can cut the vocabulary cards and use them for the following activities:
  1. Play a game of memory,
  2. Match the two sets,
  3. Use them as flashcards,
  4. Use with the National Symbols of India - Fill in the Box Activity on our Resources page.
These can also be used as Montessori 3-part cards for a fun language lesson to learn more about the National Symbols of India.